About Siete Leguas


Making quality products that overcome the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Create a human environment that helps our collaborators to develop a good life.

To maintain and exponentiate our competitiveness worldwide and contribuite with a socially responsible state of mind.


To be a state of the art, flexible, aggressive and innovative business in the fabrication and commercialization of top quality products. To make our history an example of persistence, hard work and integrity that has a positive influence on our community.


All inhouse processes in
Sq. Ft.
With a weekly capacity of
garments per week

Everything in 15 industrial buildings strategically located all together to speed up our process. We also have over 150 Suppliers both domestic and International. Available credit lines with the most important Mills of the World. We also have the most advanced Design and Development Center of America.



SIETE LEGUAS is a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of denim garments for the global market.


TAVEX dedicated to manufacturing of denim fabrics directed to the US Market, the company is located in the Center of Mexico.


AALFS The manufacturing process can be complex, so we try to simplify it in meaningful ways. That’s why we choose to own our denim + twill manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, rather than contract out. For 125 years, AALFS has provided our clients with dedicated manufacturing services.


SANTISTA dedicated to manufacturing of denim fabrics directed to the US Market, the company is located in South America.


GRUPO SIETE LEGUAS is a group with social commitment and with a great responsibility towards the region. Our employees, clients, suppliers, authorities, and investors are the key in our daily operation and our consolidation and growth strategies for the mid and long term.


The general demands of contributing in the care of our environment have been an operational requirement for our company. We have our own water treatment plant, which recycle a high percentage of the water we use; also, we constantly promote a culture of respect and concern for our natural resources.