Water Treatment Plant

Since 2010, Siete Leguas has built a 6 km pipeline that allows supplying water for around 28 to 30 hectares, of regional fields, for agricultural irrigation. This communities recieve water for free, all year.

CONAGUA (National Water Comission) is the main institute who certificates the quality of water in Mexico. Our samples are send to analyzes in their laboratories, so it can comply with requirements to  be reused safely. We have granted a certificate that guarantees its use for irrigation propose.


From the beginning of our company have tried to implement a sustainable vision. Years ago we started to practice an eco-friendly management of our hydraulic resources. The water that we use in our productive processes; after being used, receives a treatment that results in vital liquid, with the enough quality to be reused for agricultural irrigation.

We have a treatment infrastructure that process around:

3,700 gallons per week.